SlimLine Optical Drives Compatibility PC/MAC

Slim line optical size are always 12.7mm height, just recently some manufactures released SuperSlim 9.5mm height "thickness." Although small, these lack in performance.

Physical Dimension:
One simple answer: they are all the same. Manufacturer's follow set standards just like hard drives. If your system uses slim 12.7mm drives like the images below, then it will fit.

Some OEMs like DELL and HP use a shell case that envelops the CD or DVD drive. In this case one must remove the old drive from the shell case and replace / upgrade the internal bare drive. Bare drive without shell casing, rail, or adapter will always look like this......

optical drives images


Bezel/Front plate:
Dell and HP often use their own stylish bezel. A generic black bezel such as the one in this picture may not match the color or shape of your system. Apple uses slot load slim drive and place their drive inside the computer eliminating the need for a front bezel completely.

Like hard drives, Slim CD/DVD must be set to ether slave or master. Because there is no jumper on the drive to change one to another it is important to know if your system requires the drive to be set as a Master. Apple and a few Toshiba systems require Master drives, however most use Cable Select-Slave / Master. Typically the drive is set to master or slave by the system cable configuration. If the optical drive is not configured properly, it will not be detected by the BIOS or you will get IDE #1 error when you start the system.